Working Successfully With a Virtual Assistant

Working with a virtual assistant or outsourcing of any description can be a scary concept. The unknown always is. And even more so when it’s your business. However, working with a virtual assistant doesn’t need to be scary. When everything is done right, it can be the start of a great working relationship. Getting Started […]


Virtual Assistant vs Employee

I often get asked what the differences are between hiring a virtual assistant vs employee. Hopefully, this blog post will answer a few of those questions. Expense You may think that a virtual assistant is more expensive, as their hourly rate may sound higher. However with an employee, although their hourly rate or salary at […]


An Overview of a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are becoming more commonly known these days. However, you still may not be entirely clear on what a virtual assistant is or does. This post will give you a brief overview of a virtual assistant. What is a Virtual Assistant? Put quite simply, a virtual assistant is someone that provides services to support […]